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The Estonian Design House is a uniquely innovative location; representing native designers from all corners of the industry – whether it is interior design, garments, sculptors or jewellery. Our institution allows designers to showcase their luxurious products to a vast audience. We additionally offer guidance regarding service design and product development, thus guiding our 100 members to reach their full potential.

Design is brought closer to people – it provokes connotations, feels natural and is within arm’s reach. The original range of quality products fulfils the emotional dreams and rational needs of the visitors. The Estonian Design House has organised successful exhibitions and pop-up shops in many international locations, including – Tokyo, Venice, Washington, San Francisco, London, Milan, Paris, Caen, St. Petersburg, Brussels, Stockholm, Vienna, Venice, Tokyo and several cities Finland. The carefully handcrafted products featured in the shop are truly one of a kind, leaving customers in awe.

The niche and elegant items featured catered to any individual’s taste, bringing them a joyous experience.


Estonian Design House showroom

Estonian Association of Designers

Tallinn Design Festival

Estonian Designers:

Tarmo Luisk, Reet Aus, Stella Soomlais, Johanna Tammsalu, Mare Kelpman, Piret Loog, Tõnis Vellama, Elmet Treier, Jaanus Orgusaar, Karl Annus, Kadri Kruus, Liisu Arro, Toivo Raidmets, Monika Järg, Andres Labi, Janno Roos, Igor Volkov, Pavel Sidorenko, Anni Varm, Veiko Liis, Raili Keiv,  Hyti Design, Maria Rästa,  Nulku, Bold Tuesday, Vilve Unt, Mekoome, Hyrv, NVBYK, K i l l u d, Radis, Woolish, Marion-Isabelle Varik, Alpaka, Anu Samarüütel, Lisa Kroeber, Karin Kersa, Ülle Kõuts, Kairi Lentsius etc.

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