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Hello dear friends!

We are happy that you have landed at our webpage and hopefully you have already met with our selection of Estonian design in our web-shop. We are updating the web constantly, so we apologize if there are problems with ordering some products at the moment. If so, please contact us directly and place an order: info@estoniandesignhouse.ee.

There are three methods of payment:

  • Bank transfer to the Seller account
  • Paying (in cash or by card) when picking up the product from our showroom
  • EveryPay

If you would like to get an invoice for your company, please write us at info@estoniandesignhouse.ee. After recieving the the information and confirmation of the order, we register the purchase. The delivery time depends of the product. In Estonia, the delivery time is usually 5-30 working days.


Thank you for understanding,

Estonian Design House
Eesti Disainerite Liit MTÜ
Estonia puiestee 9, Tallinn, Eesti
Reg. nr. 80010350

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